Bicycle insurance done right

It's no secret, we love riding and we love our bikes, and if anything happened to them, we'd be gutted.

Buying a bike is an expensive decision and you should definitely get the best insurance cover available for your shiny new steed. Bike Life Cover, in association with One Insurance, offers you customized bicycle insurance to meet the needs of your outdoor passion.

Don't bother putting your bike on your household policy because once you leave the house, you are not covered.

What you need is specific insurance for you bike, WHILE IN USE, not sitting at home in the garage.

Whats covered:

  • 1. Damage or loss of your bicycle and all specified accessories, for damage while in storage, in transit and in use, even abroad.
  • 2. Personal liability cover for any damage to third parties while in use.
  • 3. Personal accident insurance in the event of death or disability while in use.

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