Austria Saalbach

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8 stars Excellent
  • Value for money: 6.0
  • General Quality of the Trial: 8.0
  • Range of Trails: 8.0
  • Route Markings: 10.0

Riding Experience


7 stars Good
  • Accessiblity: 2.0
  • Secure Parking: 10.0
  • Attractions in the area: 10.0
  • Child Friendly: 6.0

Facilities and Services

Sitting in Johannesburg looking out my window at a could dry morning I decided to phone my mate Brent Carpenter from to see what he could arrange for us.

What transpired was a group of like-minded guys who just love riding bikes heading off to one of the worlds premier biking destinations Saalbach Austria.

There came a point in my life where I realized that standing in pouring rain with  days of mud and 100km “racing” was not for me especially when I only have 15 days leave and this “experience” cost me R10 000+++.  Sitting having breakfast and leisurely deciding what time we where going to hit the Ski Lift for endless fast flowing single track felt far more like a holiday which put a big smile on my face.


Saalbach becomes a mecca of mountain biking in summer and riding the trails its easy to see why.  Take a ski lift to the top of the Alps and then decide on 1 of 100 trail options to get down.  This ranges from dirt roads, fast smooth single track, enduro style single track and world cup DH courses.

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Test Crew Wisdom

Rather rent a bike than fly with you own bike. After you pay for excess luggage you are almost paying as much as a rental bike. The hassle factor is enough on its own that it the bike breaks you hand it back and get another one. Stay in bike friendly accommodation as they will have great advise and generally tools and a bike wash. Don’t try and hit that big jump on day 1 ease into it and come home safe.



  • Did we mention Ski lifts
  • Propose built singletrack
  • Mountain bike heaven
  • Marked and graded trails
  • Bike Friendly country


  • Long way to go (its worth it)
  • Rand does not go a long way (Austria is better than other EU countries)
  • Braking bumps on the steeper trails

What's on offer

  • More trails than you can ride in a month
  • Beautiful towns
  • Ski lifts
  • Lots of activities for the family
  • Bike lains in most towns