PwC Bike Park

Review Date: July 2015 Updated on:


6.5 stars Good
  • Value for money: 7.0
  • General Quality of the Trial: 7.0
  • Range of Trails: 7.0
  • Route Markings: 5.0

Riding Experience


7.5 stars Good
  • Accessiblity: 9.0
  • Secure Parking: 7.0
  • Attractions in the area: 6.0
  • Child Friendly: 8.0

Facilities and Services

PWC Bike Park is a true urban bike park situated in the middle of the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg.  The riding is varied, ranging from kids trails to double black expert routes with really cool berms and North Shore.  We found the experience to be fun and feel this bike park is an asset to riders based in Johannesburg. With the recent changes made by trail building guru Hylton Turvey of Karkloof fame, the park is better than ever.

Having ridden the bike park from launch, Antonio has seen it improve over the last two years. The amount of effort put into maintaining this trail is brilliant.  They must have a crew of 10 just fixing and maintaining the place, this burns us, as we see parts of this park that are just badly built and need someone to give some direction into getting it done correctly.  This bike park is definitely a 4 STAR bike park with the new design changes!

We feel this bike park is a great place for the family and all levels will find something fun to ride.

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Test Crew Wisdom

When entering a black route be prepared for anything around the next corner so rather go around slowly first. Always look through a berm at the exit. This makes the bike more stable by putting your body in the right position Put your body weight on your outside foot when cornering Lean the bike more than your body when cornering. This gives you more control by pushing your weight into the tyres



  • You cant get lost on the trail as entries and exists are clearly marked
  • Very central especially if you live in the north of JHB
  • Lots of north shore and berms
  • Dirt jumps


  • All trails are very short would be cool to have at least one longer one which is possible with the limited space they have
  • Splits in trails can be confusing especially at speed
  • Entries into trails are very tight WHY???
  • Lots of erosion and the trail does not shed water well so lots of mud days after the rain.
  • Even though the Signage is good we feel that at the splits in trails the signs are not big enough especially if you are doing them at speed

What's on offer

  • 6 Main Trails
  • BMX Track
  • Bike Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Change Rooms (No Showers)
  • Special Kids Track
  • Kids party area