Glen Garry- Kamberg

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8.3 stars Excellent
  • Value for money: 9
  • General Quality of the Trial: 9
  • Range of Trails: 8
  • Route Markings: 7

Riding Experience


9.3 stars Excellent
  • Accessiblity: 7
  • Secure Parking: 10
  • Attractions in the area: 10
  • Child Friendly: 10

Facilities and Services

Epic sunrises, cosy accommodation & endless singletrack. A truly worthwhile weekend getaway, Glengarry Kamberg offers a complete experience!

We recently visited with Gareth Sivright and his family who run Glen Garry in the beautiful Kamberg area of the KZN Midlands, near Nottingham Rd.

Even before you arrive, the mountains and farmlands start easing the stresses of modern life, with stunning scenery and the looming Drakensberg in the distance, begging you to draw closer and explore.

Driving into Glen Garry proper, it has the feel of a typical family resort, but with a more homely feel that feels instantly comfortable.

Meeting Garteh and getting out on our first ride, it was clear that these trails are developed by someone who understands flow and fun on a bike.

There is a variety of trails that are able to cater for most abilities. We went with the whole family and were able to go on several rides, each suited to the group, from riding with our 4 and 6 year olds, intermediate rides with weekend warriors, to the bigger climbs up Jakkalskop, and back down again, on their longer and more technical trails. Stacked loop trails also mean that one group of different abilities can ride together, with those less keen to climb and test their technique, able to branch off early and re-join along the way.

Add to the riding, the fact that they have river tubing, dam and river fishing, a 9 hole golf course, animal farm, camping and very comfortable chalets on offer and you have a great recipe for a super weekend.

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Test Crew Wisdom

Land access and permission to ride on private land is going to be an ever increasing issue. People like Gareth and his team at Glen Garry have gone to a lot of trouble to build trail on their land, and negotiate access onto neighboring farms. Dont mess this all up by riding off of marked routes through private lands and leaving gates open on farms. It only leads to the closure of trails and less riding for everyone.



    Mountain Scenery, well built trails, options for different abilities, lots of off bike activities for the whole family.


    Hard to say actually.

What's on offer

    Various trails distances. Camping Chalets Fishing Tubing Golf course Animal farm Tractor rides Pool Kids play area