Holla Trails

Review Date: November 2011 Updated on:


8 stars Excellent
  • Value for money: 8.0
  • General Quality of the Trial: 8.0
  • Range of Trails: 9.0
  • Route Markings: 7.0

Riding Experience


7.3 stars Good
  • Accessiblity: 8.0
  • Secure Parking: 8.0
  • Attractions in the area: 7.0
  • Child Friendly: 6.0

Facilities and Services

Holla has become one of the must visit places for both locals and visitors to KZN. Situated on Collisheen estate just outside Ballito, it is super convenient to get to and caters well for the growing north coast crowd, but also for the holiday makers from the North, who seem to be a large percentage of the Easter and December residents up Ballito way. This basically means, that if you are coming down to the coast on holiday this year, you’ve got a good place to ride, so throw your bike on the Thule.

When you arrive at Holla you get the feeling like you have arrived at somebody’s house and you park in their driveway. The informal trend continues when you go to sign in, pay and get info on the trails, but maybe this is just the relaxed North Coast vibe.  If you are on holiday without your bike you can hire one there, and I believe I even saw a Santa Cruz Tallboy in their fleet, which is pretty flash for a rental.

The Trail centre is effectively an old house but it has a bike wash area, very nice toilets and shower, bar, patio and very cool lawns and play area for the kids, including a little kiddies loop track within the securely fenced area

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Test Crew Wisdom

If you are going to ride a spot that you know has soft sand, it really helps to run soft: What we mean is you can afford to run your forks and your front tyre pressure a little softer than normal to give you that added traction to prevent the front wheel washing out in corners. This will make your bike handle much better in the soft corners and you wont lose too much efficiency on the hard stuff either. When riding a bike park with varied light conditions like Holla with open sugar cane fields as well as dark forest sections its better to have lighter shaded glasses. There is nothing worse than being blinded and riding off the trail into a tree!



  • Can do longer distance rides for training, ie Black 82km route
  • Good place for beginner and intermediate riders
  • Safe parking and cool patio/ garden
  • Close to the beach for after ride swim
  • Weekly time trial on Thursdays


  • Can seem unfriendly
  • Not the most technical riding ever
  • Some route markers missing
  • Single track has suffered erosion and has soft sand sections

What's on offer

  • Terrain park
  • Coffee shop
  • Kiddies track and play area
  • Big trail variety
  • Trail running route