Riverlea Underburg

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8.5 stars Excellent
  • Value for money: 8.0
  • General Quality of the Trial: 8.0
  • Range of Trails: 8.0
  • Route Markings: 10.0

Riding Experience


8.5 stars Excellent
  • Accessiblity: 6.0
  • Secure Parking: 10.0
  • Attractions in the area: 10.0
  • Child Friendly: 8.0

Facilities and Services

“Being in the Kzn Midlands is generally always a relaxing experience. Its picture postcard stuff with rolling hills, green fields and quaint villages.

Being at Riverlea, takes this to a whole new level, with the breathtaking Drakensberg as a backdrop, beautiful farm land along the Umzinkulu river, and a host that is so enthusiastic about cycling you can’t help but be excited. Then theres the cool berg cottage accommodation and kid friendly environment and you have a winning mix. Did we mention the riding is awesome too?

So we are here to ride trails so we headed out in slightly gloomy and slippery conditions, but the trails are well made and the first shakedown ride was just what the team needed to get into the vibe.

Between Riverlea and their neighbours across the river at Duck and Spoor, they have over 100km of single track, and you can pick and choose between different levels of well marked trail.

We were able to get the perfect balance of riding hard in the morning for a few hours on challenging trails, and then ride again in the pm with the wive’s and kids, often on the same trails, but at a more leisurely pace. We always think this is a good mix where the same trail, ridden at different speeds, can appeal to multiple skill levels.

The village of Underberg is a short 15 minute drive up the road, and offers everything you need for the self catering, and you can shoot down the road a little further for a cheeky post ride at the Himeville Arms, a national landmark watering hole.

We think a place like Riverlea is the future of mountain biking lifestyle, and its so good, we have already booked to go back again with friends.

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Test Crew Wisdom

When going on holiday with your family make sure you balance riding time with family time this way you will always get to take your bike with. Destinations like Riverlea put smiles on everyones faces including your non riding family



  • Fast single track
  • Big mountains and clean air
  • Mountain bike heaven
  • Marked and graded trails
  • Bike Friendly owners


  • Long way to go (its worth it)

What's on offer

  • Exellent Family Accomodation
  • Beautiful area
  • Running trails
  • Lots of activities for the family
  • Fly fishing
  • Open water swimming